Our Expert Services

Homeowner Association (HOA) / Condominium Association (COA)

In 2022, Florida was estimated to have 48,940 homeowners’ associations and more than 27,000 condo associations.  Attorney Merriweather has successfully resolved association disputes in the pre-litigation stage, at mediation and in arbitration or court.  His vast experience can assist with resolving your legal needs today!

Commercial Landlord / Tenant

Nicholas P. Merriweather, PLLC is an experienced firm that can handle commercial property disputes, including evictions.  You need the right lawyer who can handle such matters, with or without court action.  Contact Attorney Merriweather to get the personalized strategy to help accomplish your goals today!

Residential Landlord / Tenant

Disputes between residential landlords and tenants require a different set of laws from commercial landlords and tenants.  It’s important you hire a lawyer that’s experienced with both.  Attorney Merriweather can intelligently handle your situation to protect your interests and get you the results you deserve!

Evictions / Ejectment / Unlawful Detainer / Partition Actions

Need help removing someone from your property?  Are you being sued to be removed from a property?  Want to remove your name as a joint owner of a property?  Attorney Merriweather has the experience to assist with all these issues and more!


If you are facing foreclosure and are unsure of your options, it is important to hire the right lawyer for your needs.  Attorney Merriweather is an experienced foreclosure lawyer who can stand up for your rights against lenders or to strategize a successful plan to keep your home.

Mortgage Loan Modification

Homeowners who want to remain in their home, especially during foreclosure or a default in mortgage payment, a loan modification is the best route.  Attorney Merriweather can assist with obtaining a change in your mortgage term, which may result in affordable monthly payments.

Quiet Title Claims

An action to quiet title is typically filed to remove a “cloud” on the title of property and/or to determine the rightful owner of real property.  Contact Attorney Merriweather to help you get the right outcome from these actions or to get free and clear ownership of your real property.

Boundary Disputes

A property owner has the right to enjoy their property, free from encroaching neighbors.  If you believe an adjoining property owner is infringing on that right, contact Attorney Merriweather today for help!

Deed Drafting

A well-drafted deed will successfully convey real property from one title owner to another.  It’s important to hire a detailed lawyer who can ensure property is conveyed without any title defects.  Attorney Merriweather is that meticulous lawyer who can meet those needs.

Debt Collection and Defense

A 2021 Experian report on consumer debt discovered the average American credit card balance was $5,221, car loans were almost $21,000 and personal loans were over $17,000. Debt collection laws are complicated.  Hire Attorney Merriweather today to make debt collection simple for you!

Lease Drafting

A well-crafted lease agreement – residential or commercial – provides the right to reside in, occupy or use a dwelling or a commercial space.  Attorney Merriweather helps clients draft such agreements to protect their rights.  To learn more, contact our law firm today!

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can happen in any personal or business transaction.  When the parties cannot agree on the resolution, a good relationship can quickly take a turn for the worst.  Contact Attorney Merriweather today with your contract dispute before it’s too late!