Initial consultations must be scheduled in advance.



As a convenience, Attorney NPM’s calendar is now available online, 24/7, for you to schedule your initial consult with Attorney Merriweather today.  Click or Press one of the four (4) options below:


1. In-Person Consult (212 E. Pine Street, Lakeland, Fl 33801).


2. “Virtual” Consult (Telephone, Zoom or Microsoft Teams).


3. LegalShield Consult (Virtual or In-Person).


4. MetLife Consult (Virtual or In-Person).



Initial Consult Requires Payment: Many people believe all lawyers offer free consultations.  This is not true.    Free consults usually do not allow most lawyers to provide you with legal advice, even though most initial consults last between 30-60 minutes. Your time is too valuable for that.  Attorney NPM offers only paid consultations, with a small fee to reserve your initial consult.  With a paid consult, you get an experienced attorney to review your matter and offer you legal options/advice that’s protected by Attorney-Client privilege.  At the end of the consult, you choose to pay for only the consult or a retainer for further representation.



If no legal advice is offered during your initial consult OR Attorney NPM declines your legal matter, there is no charge for the initial consult and your pre-payment will be refunded.  You can’t lose.  Schedule your initial consultation today!